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Intimate Wedding Elopement in Positano filmIntimate wedding elopement in Positano videographer. Best locations for American elopement in the Amalfi coast in Italy. Experienced elopement videographer - photo and video elopement packages available for intimate weddings in Italy - best elopement wedding video in Positano
Jessica and Charlie held their Positano elopement at beautiful Villa Claudius, overlooking Fornillo beach.
The tourist season was almost over, and the town was magical and quiet. However, they faced a challenge, probably every bride’s worst nightmare: pouring rain! Italy was uncommonly swept by weeks of bad weather. Really heavy rain and high winds were followed by more and more rain...and every sign pointed towards an elopement under the rain! So.. what do you do if it rains on your wedding day? Well, you hide or you can embrace it and make it the most amazing and unique experience!
Jessica and Charlie said their vows on the beach of Fornillo under a light rain, then soon turned into a proper celebrative wedding storm!
Italian wedding photographer in Positano and Italian wedding video in Positano by Innocenti Studio