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Video of surprise marriage proposal in FlorenceVideo of surprise marriage proposal in Florence
When Alex contacted us to capture his surprise proposal to girlfriend Lana, he had a very clear idea in mind: he wanted to serenade her singing and playing his guitar sitting on the grass and looking at a breathtaking view of Florence while the sun was setting down. We thought that it was the most romantic idea and we started to work a plan to make it happen!
We planned an initial video meeting to talk about Alex idea more in deep, and start searching all locations that would be suitable for his vision. Once that Alex’s heart was set on a lunch picnic at a private club’s panoramic spot overlooking Ponte Vecchio, we planned and discussed every little detail via email.
We prepared a blanket and a picnic basket with Italian delicatessen and fruit, and a small stand with the music sheets that Alex had previously sent us. Alex brought Lana on a stroll through Florence in the morning and looking from Ponte Vecchio showed her the little private club caffè on the river bank. Lana loved it, and was amazed to learn that he had booked a romantic picnic lunch spot for them.
They made their way down the club and we accompanied them to their picnic spot, where they found Alex’s music sheets and a couple of dry roses wine glasses waiting for them, and Alex started singing and playing his songs for Lana.
When Alex was ready to propose he made Lana stand up with Ponte Vecchio in the background, and David - that was posing as a tourist nearby - started filming the surprise marriage proposal in Florence.
We recorded Alex proposing to Lana via a tiny microphone hidden inside his pocket shirt and then edited the surprise marriage proposal video together with footage of Alex playing and some portraits of the happy couple!