Surprise Proposal in Florence: a testimonial from Melissa & Daniel

Daniel contacted us 2 years ago to help him capture a surprise proposal to his girlfriend Melissa in Florence. We chatted, emailed and skyped and then agreed on a surprise proposal with a fantastic view of Florence in the background. Melissa didn't see it coming, she was overjoyed and it was just the start of their holiday in Italy! The following year, they got married in Umbria, and we were there again to capture their memories with a wedding video.

This year, we have asked Melissa to talk about her experience, the engagement shoot and which was her favorite photograph from the surprise proposal. Here is what she told us:

Firstly, we would do it a million times over again!! We were planning our two week road trip through Italy (starting in Florence) for about a year so it was something we were both really looking forward to. We are complete food and wine buffs so we knew we would love it. I (Mel) didn't have a clue Dan was going to propose, until he started acting funny that evening haha. But Dan, being the thoughtful romantic had seen some of Emma's work around Florence and decided that was the best way to start our trip. 

Favourite photo: The action shot of Dan down on one knee with the backdrop of the Duomo perfectly captured. Everyone always asks 'so when did he propose' and they just don't believe me that THAT was the exact moment!.

We were on a high for the rest of our Italian road trip and receiving more pictures of the engagement photoshoot made the memory stay alive before returning home and seeing friends/family. 

We are so glad we have those beautiful pictures which captured the happiest moment in our lives, the engagement was solely about US which I think people lose when planning a wedding (well we did). We will never be able to forget that hour after Dan gave me the shock of my life and they are so lovely to look at. 

Thank you Emma for being apart of it, and helping Dan organise a proposal better than I'd never even dreamt of!