Top 6 places to propose in Florence - how to get best surprise proposal photographs in Florence!

If you are thinking of proposing in Florence to your partner, get ready for one of the most romantic experiences! Florence is a city small enough to make you feel welcomed and it is full of romantic locations that will be amazing backdrops for the perfect proposal. What’s best? You can follow your proposal with an engagement photo shoot, capturing lifelong memories of such a special moment with beautiful photographs and loving portraits while wondering the streets of Florence - once of the most beautiful city in the World!

You can make your proposal even more unique and unforgettable by planning a surprise proposal shoot to capture the ‘yes’ moment with photographs, video or both. In this way, you can relive it over and over again as well as sharing the excitement with family and friends abroad. Sounds difficult to pull of? It’s not! We have plenty of experience and can help you plan your proposal to perfection and take care of every details, from getting you in the exact spot and position for the best pictures to arrange flowers, champagne or anything special that you want. So if you are ready for the most romantic proposal ever, read on for some inspiration and discover our top locations to propose in Florence.

Best locations to propose in Florence - surprise proposals ideas and photoshootBest locations to propose in Florence - surprise proposals ideas and photoshootTop locations for surprise proposals in Florence - planning, ideas and proposal photoshoots

San Miniato al Monte

The best place to propose in Florence is San Miniato al Monte Church, just few minutes walk above Piazzale Michelangelo. It offers a similar panoramic view of the city but it is infinitely less crowded. Depending by the time of the year, there are many proposal spots at this locations that offer both intimacy, an amazing view and dreamy photographs! If you want to propose at sunset, this is definitely the best location for you.
surprise proposal at San Miniato al Monte Florencesurprise proposal at San Miniato al Monte FlorenceThe best location for a surprise proposal in Florence is San Miniato al Monte Church

Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio is one of the most iconic landmarks in Florence, and rightly so. It is unique, famous all around the World as it stands suspended and reflected in the water of the Arno River. If you want the Old Bridge to be the backdrop of your surprise proposal you can either drop on one knee on the Santa Trinita Bridge or book a private location nearby that overlooks Ponte Vecchio. Santa Trinita bridge gets very crowded so your best bet is to propose very early in the morning (unless is winter). On the other side of the bridge there are locations with terraces we can  help you rent that will offer you privacy and the best view of Ponte Vecchio. Our favourite is a local rowing club that owns a garden just below the Old Bridge, so you can have a picture perfect proposal at sunset of Ponte Vecchio and avoid the crowds.
Surprise Proposal videographer in Florence at Ponte VecchioVideo of the best Surprise Proposal in Florence in front of Ponte Vecchio

Piazzale Michelangelo

Piazzale Michelangelo is the city’s most famous belvedere located on top of an hill overlooking Florence. The view is stunning and the Duomo, Palazzo della Signoria and Ponte Vecchio feel just at your fingertips. If you want to enjoy a little privacy you need to propose at sunrise or very early in the morning, because the whole square becomes crowded with tourists after 8am, especially in summer. If you don’t care being surrounded by people, or do not want a picture perfect proposal, sunset is beautiful and everyone is sitting on the staircases looking at the view, drinking and listening to live musicians that often perform there in the summer.

Surprise proposal at Piazzale Michelangelo in FlorenceSurprise proposal at Piazzale Michelangelo in FlorencePiazzale Michelangelo is on of the top surprise proposal locations in Florence


Florence Dome is one of the World’s most famous landmarks, and it makes a perfect backdrop for a proposal if you are looking for elegance, history and style. Again, it attracts many tourists, so if you want your proposal to be truly unique and romantic it is best to drop the question very early in the morning. The Duomo square will feel eerie with almost no other people around, and you will have the whole day to celebrate your engagement.

Surprise proposal in front of the Duomo in FlorenceSurprise proposal in front of the Duomo in FlorenceSurprise proposal photoshoot in front of the Dome in Florence, a surprise proposal photoshoot is the best way to remember your engagement

Rooftop terrace with a view

From spring to early autumn, many terraces on top of Florence hotels are open to the public. If you are looking for a proposal idea in Florence with less people around, nice drinks, food and spectacular views over Florence cityscape, this option may be the one. There are many rooftop terraces to choose from depending by availability and the atmosphere you are looking for (classical, trendy, romantic, urban, etc): hotel Baglioni, Minerva, Cavour, Continental and Westin Excelsior to name a few. One of our all time favourite is the rooftop bar of the Hotel Baglioni, because of its many terraces on different levels (perfect to capture your proposal photographs from) and a timeless and classy atmosphere.
same_sex_engagement_florence_lesbian_photographer_11same_sex_engagement_florence_lesbian_photographer_11Same sex engagement photoshoot in Florence - same sex couple photographer in Italy

Giardino delle Rose

If you are looking to propose in a location with more greenery, and perhaps some more intimacy, you can choose one of the many Italian gardens in Florence. Boboli, Bardini and Torrigiani gardens are the most famous but they can be quite busy at all times and sadly professional photography is not allowed (except with very expensive permits) so you may not get great memories of your proposal. A good compromise is the Rose Garden, just below Piazzale Michelangelo. It offers privacy even in the late afternoon, a beautiful background of flowers and some great views. It is also a perfect point for starting your engagement shoot as we can wonder in many directions, walking towards Ponte Vecchio or climbing up to more panoramic locations for portraits.

Surprise proposal photoshoot at the Rose Garden in FlorenceSurprise proposal photoshoot at the Rose Garden in FlorenceFlorence surprise proposal planning and photographer - best locations to propose in Florence