Innocenti Studio | Q & A - All you want to know about Innocenti Studio wedding photographer and video in Tuscany!

Q & A - All you want to know about Innocenti Studio wedding photographer and video in Tuscany!

Innocenti Studio - wedding destination photographer and video in TuscanyInnocenti Studio - wedding destination photographer and video in Tuscany

In this section, you can find many common questions and answers about us and our work. What we do, how we do it, where we come from and everything else including our objectives, likes, and most importantly what to expect if you book your destination wedding photography reportage or a video from us.

And yes, it's us in the picture! Emma, David and our little Miranda xxx


Where are you from and where are you based?

Emma is originally from Florence, Italy, and David from the Midlands in the UK. We met when we were both living in London over 10 years ago. We happened to be neighbours in Enterprise House, a warehouse conversion in East London where a community of artists, photographers and musicians lived at the time. Few years ago we left London and relocated to Florence to give our daughter a more Mediterranean lifestyle. Now we live within 20 minutes of Florence centre and our photographic studio is just in the outskirt of town.


Do you travel for weddings?

We do! We love to discover new places and to look at things with fresh eyes. For wedding within Tuscany, we generally travel to the Wedding and back on the same day. If your wedding is further away, we stay overnight before and/or after the Wedding.


Who will be shooting at my wedding?

Emma will be taking the photographs together with a second professional photographer with which she is associated. The majority are female and they all are fluent English speakers. 

David will be shooting your video, often with an assistant to help him with the equipment, extra cameras and audio recording.


What do you cover at a wedding?

In a typical day, we start taking photographs of the landscape and the location as soon as we arrive (generally half hour before the agreed time) before moving onto the preparations. We photograph the bridegroom and their guests with a very natural and spontaneous approach while they are getting ready, and we take still-life shots of the details and accessories. During the ceremony we are very discreet: one photographer next to the bridegroom while the other is free to move in the background, trying to capture the important moments and also more unusual, wide views and candid shots. We can then move to take group photographs, natural reportage of the aperitif, details or table arrangements. The couple shots are obviously very important but we like to keep them fun and natural, so it usually takes only 20-30 minutes. We photograph the dinner, the speeches (where we love taking portraits of your guests), the cutting of the cake and the party and first dance.


How do you make sure you get all the photographs we expect?

As your wedding approaches, we will send you some practical info and some advice. We'll ask you questions to understand what you expect from your photographs and which are your specific requirements. Some people want us to photograph everything naturally as it happens on the day, others may want certain group shots, or a particular shot or style. We encourage you to show us example photographs to understand your vision and we have also plenty of informations and tips on how to get better pictures, that we will be sharing with you.


How long will you stay?

We always endeavour to arrive a little earlier than the agreed time and we stay until the cutting of the cake and 15 minutes after the first dance. After that, many guests starts showing signs of tiredness (or drinking) and there is not much left to photograph. We plan our arrival time to give us maximum 9 hours of shooting, that can become 10. If you think you need more time as you are planning lanterns, fireworks, etc. you need to talk to us in advance. Please remember that the day after yours we may be shooting another wedding so we need to be rested and ready to give our best again! 

For elopements, portraits and short wedding reportages we will stay as long as we have agreed, as it will be stated in the booking form. 


What Equipment do you use?

The photographs are all shot with Canon cameras (D5 MarkIII bodies) and a variety of prime and zoom Canon lenses. We also bring along spare camera bodies as a back up, Canon TTL flashes and Bowens studio flashes for the photobooth. We shoot RAW quality files onto CF cards while at the same time backing-up the files onto SD cards. The videos are shot with DSLR cameras (Lumix, Panasonic, Canon) and again with a variety of photographic lenses, to achieve a cinematographic and filmic look.


How many images do you shoot and how many will we get?

On a typical wedding day, we shoot well in excess of 3000 photographs. We will then edit them down to a selection of around 500 to 700 images that we will give you as high res files fully edited. This selection comprises ALL images that we think are the best and that together tell the story of your Wedding beautifully. For Elopements, Intimate and short Weddings you can expect 200 to 300 images, for engagement and portrait sessions 50 to 100.


What type of photographic retouching/editing do you do?

All the selected files that you'll find in your USB pendrive are fully edited and ready to print. Retouching includes: colour balancing, contrast and sharpening, overall feel and colouring of the photographs, conversion into black and white: basically the overall 'look' that will give your photographs a particular style and turn them into a 'cohesive' collection.


When will be receiving our photographs, and how?

Depending by the time of the year, you will receive them between 4 and 12 weeks. Editing and retouching is such an important part of the process that it is not something we want to rush. If our timeline is a problem, let us know in advance and we may be able to find a solution together.

We will send you the high resolution files on a USB pendrive. Depending by the service you have chosen, it will be held within a presentation box alone or with a selection of around 150 photographic prints from your wedding, in 10x15cm format.


Will you photograph every person at the wedding?

If you have a small wedding of 15-20 people than probably yes, we will have a nice candid portrait of everyone. If you have more guests, it may be unlikely because we focus on candid reportage, emotions, the bridegroom and bridal party, the atmosphere and everything that happens… rather than concentrating onto 'snapping' everyone. It's also very hard for us to remember every face at all the weddings and some people just don't like to be photographed and they turn the other way when they see us. If you are having speeches, it is generally a great moment to take candid portraits of the guests as they are sitting down and looking in one direction. If you want posed portraits of everyone we will suggest a photobooth or a longer session of group shots. You will find more info after the booking.


What is the photobooth corner?

We can designate an area during the reception where we will take portraits pictures of you and your guests. It may be fun or formal, with or without props, and with a variety of background. During the evening, we provide studio flash-lights that will give a seamless and soft lighting. During the day, we may use natural lights. All the photographs taken at the photobooth will be given as high res files in addition to the wedding pictures.


Can we have the raw photographs?

I rather not! To give the raw files is like ordering a plate of raw ingredients rather than a dish at the restaurant… Raw files are very heavy, flat to look at and difficult to handle. You may be able to look at them only using professional photography software. You will also see lots of pictures that I have spared you with: people blinking and in unflattering poses or expressions. So I discourage everyone from having the raw files. However, if after receiving the edited files and in special circumstances (when I photograph photographers, sometimes) you still want them, you may purchase them.


What is the online gallery?

It is a password protected area on my website that you and your guests can access freely. You will find a gallery with all or a selection of the best photographs from your wedding day. You may also have the option to download the high res files and to order directly prints from local lab in UK, USA, Europe and Australia.


Do you provide Wedding Albums and how do we order them?

Of course! We think they are very important investment towards your visual family history! We have different types to suit your style and requirements. Please see on our websites for examples or get in touch. Wedding albums are generally ordered after you receive your high res files. You can choose some or all the photographs that you want featured in your album, or can leave us to do the selection for you. We then design the album accordingly to your requirements and show you a digital proof for edit review. You will be able to ask up to 10 changes and review them before sending it to press.


What is the difference between a Wedding highlight video (reportage style) and a Wedding short film (creative style) editing?

The Wedding highlight video option is shot by 1 cameraman only and then edited in a reportage style, where the sequence of the events will be the same as it happened on your wedding day. The video will be up to 6 minutes long on a music score, without live audio from the day. 

The wedding short film is shoot by 1 cameraman and 1 assistant using a creative style of filming and editing. The edit of our wedding short films can be personalised to tell the story of your day in a unique way. You can choose to start with a first look, video portraits, footage of the bride and groom together or something else. Some audio will be recorded and the final edit will be up to 12 minutes long.


Can we choose the music score of our video?

Of course! We encourage you to send you a little selection of songs that you would like, and then we choose the one that work best. 

For our wedding short films, in addition to the music you can also choose to have a voiceover that we will record at your Wedding. For example, the bride and groom reading a letter to each other or a guest reading a quote or a poem. In agreement with you, we may also record audio from the ceremony or the speeches.


In which format will you give us the video?

We will give you a High Definition video as a .mov files on a USB pendrive. You will be able to see it in HD on your computer, tablet, and on most televisions. If you require a copy of the video on DVD, let us know as we will be able to do that, but please note that it will be standard definition and not HD.


Can we have video edit reviews?

Unfortunately editing a video is a very lengthy process with many technical aspects influencing the result, that may not be apparent to somebody without specific knowledge. For this reason, we will endeavour to produce the best possible looking video for you accordingly to your previous requirements, but we will not offer edit changes. 

However, if after seeing your video you still feel the need for some changes, we can do it at a charge of €250.


Can we have all the video footage unedited?

Unfortunately not. The way of filming with DSRL cameras is very different from standard video cameras. What is gained in filmic quality, is lost in easiness of shooting (zooming, changing focus, recording audio or clips longer than a couple of minutes). This means we will film certain aspects of the whole day picking and choosing the best of what happens when it happens, and with a variety of lenses or focus. Similar to how a news cameraman would capture what is going on if he reports on an assignment, the raw footage will look very unorganised and the clips are of very different lengths. Also, the video is captured raw in a very flat looking color format, this is so the best quality video can be produced in the editing stages. The video format itself can only be seen on certain computers with the right software until an edit has been made and exported for normal viewing.


How many weddings do you shoot per year?

We shoot maximum 25 weddings per year, plus some elopements and engagements. This is because we want to provide a high level of service and allocate the right amount of time for the editing and retouching phases, that are very important for the final result. We also feel that shooting weddings requires a high level of energy and enthusiasm, so we make sure that we approach every wedding with a fresh mind and that we don't fall into a blind routine. Also, we are quite busy with our commercial work!


What do you do when you are not shooting weddings?

Mainly, we work for national and international clients shooting lifestyle and fashion images.

Emma works closely with the most important picture libraries (Getty Images, Corbis, Image Source) and her lifestyle work is regularly featured around the world in adverts and editorials, from Russian Grazia and Marieclaire to the likes of Blackberry, Alitalia and Microsoft. 

From our studio in Florence, we shoot regularly advertising campaigns, catalogues and fashion films for a variety of national brands. And David also work as a freelance director for TV and commercial adverts.


What is your photographic experience?

We both have photography degrees from UK universities. Emma went on studying a MA in Art Photography at the University of the Arts London before exhibiting her artwork extensively in Europe and working as a free-lance photographer in London for 10 years. David started shooting fashion films while working with acclaimed fashion photographer Nick Knight in London, and went one opening his own production company. His short films have been shown at festivals in London and New York.


How do we book your services?

To book our services you need to fill our Booking Form, sign the terms and conditions and pay a deposit of €500. We regret we cannot reserve a date otherwise. 

Call us or e-mail us with your date request and we will send you a booking form.


What is the best way of getting in touch?

You can send us an e-mail at or call us on +39 328 9361060. We can also arrange a Skype call at your convenience (Skype name: innocentistudio).






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